So it’s finally Spring and I’m attempting to turn a new leaf. Yeah work is still slow and my back, shoulders and neck are causing me trouble.. but I’ve changed my part and bought some button up shirts. I realize those things might not sound like a life altering revolution but I think it’s more metaphoric to what’s actually going on in my life.

Fraser and I have booked our trip to Costa Rica for May 15th, coming up quick. It feels more organic than my last overseas trip. Doesn’t feel as stressful or forced.. or terrifying. Maybe I’m more immune to the idea of uprooting, maybe I’ve finally found someone who I want to share my experiences with. Either way I’m pretty darn happy and am more than excited for everything to come. Including our puppy! He is a gorgeous charcoal Lab that we haven’t settled on a name for yet. I still stand strong on my choice of Derby.


It seems that its that time again.. the cold has set in and I’m a shamefully miserable hermit with a helpless attitude to boot! Now, that being said I’m really not all that bad… all the time. As these familiar evenings set in I’m reminded of this time last year. It’s true that alot has changed, so why the same seasonal slump? I guess it boils down to the motto I like to live by, “you can’t continue to do the same thing expecting different results.” And here I am, still in this city.

I’ve gained great things since I’ve last been in this place. I have amazing inspirations and people in my life. I have a man who makes me feel like a better me, I have a job that, even though may have slow down, enables me to be passionate and excited, I have adopted a healthy attitude towards treating my body as a temple and I have some friends that warm my heart through and through. I’ve reconnected with family in a new way, I’ve pushed my comfort level to it’s edge and learned very important things about myself. I’ve been more me than ever. I’m back baby, life is great and exciting.

it’s okay




Well, I’m back and getting almost back to normal.. only better. My trip was amazing, calmed me down and taught me alot about everything really. I’m fairly over talking about the most memorable place, meal, and experiences so.. maybe just read the blog.

I moved back to Kelowna.. I know right. Back to work and the mundane day to day but it’s summer in the Okanagan so life is pretty good. Plus I have a tan.

Things I like lately:
I haven’t done this yet but think it’s genius
I want to buy and use this daily
I’ve been pretty much living on this site

Oh, find and buy me these..


asian sensation


Not that i know anyone to be following this but all posts will continue to cease for the next couple months while I continue on through south east asia to england and on through united kingdom. check my travel blog!

It’s time to figure out where I’ll be updating my travel experiences… I made a tumblr cause I don’t want my mom or most people that will be following my adventures to read or know about this one. Soooo… check here occasionally to see what fun and amazing things that I’m doing and don’t get too jealous since I’ll probably smell and look like a dirty back packer while you’re all basking in the British Columbian sun and gorgeous lakes. Did I mention it’s going to be around 45 degrees everyday? And I have a 70L backpack? I feel gross just thinking about it.

Recent feelings have been better, not so stressed. My clients have done wonders for me, I feel like that are family and it’s been so tough saying goodbye. One in particular really moved me today.. I’m kind of at a loss to explain how other than we are in very similar places and it’s good to know I’m not alone in this. Spring time isn’t all it’s cracked up to be sometimes.

As of late I’ve been feeling almost.. nostalgic for the summer I haven’t and will not experience here in the Okanagan. Thoughts of coming back before the good times are passed are kiiiiinda creepy up on me. I still want to leave it up in the air until I’m over there and figuring out the everything I want to figure out. I’m not making any promises.

In the Bokeo province in Northern Laos there is a conservation project aimed at preserving the Bokeo nature reserve and raise money to protect the wildlife. Apparently a “Black Gibbon” is a thought to be extinct species in that area that was rediscovered in the later 90’s. They do this with something called “The Gibbon Experience,” which is basically a whole bunch of treehouses only accessed by varies ziplines over the jungle. I can’t think of a better sounding thing to be honest. It’s kind of expensive but they provide hot meals and complete access to the jungle below AND TREEHOUSES? I mean.. c’mon!



Okay okay so.. I don’t really care much about anything these days. The sun is making me smile and I’m alright with that. Work is busy with people trying to get in before I take off.. that’s a major plus. I’m apathetic about this blog thing. I don’t want to write about the things I’m really thinking about and I feel like it’s becoming a little too surfacey. Whatever. I might keep it for travel blog, or start another one. I’ll post a link if this happens. Such apathy.

I got some good “last moments in Canada” photos to post once I get my head wrapped around anything other than travel forums and putting my life into boxes.

I will touch on the fact that I’m over a lot of things. Over trying to be somebody that is okay. Over convincing myself that this is the life I want. Over trying to figure out the life I want.

All I know are the facts. I know I’m leaving. I know it’s going to save my soul. I know that I have no idea what it will bring or who I will be coming out of it but I do know that it’s gotta be something better than this. I’m not unhappy in life, I’m just constantly waiting. Waiting for the next big event to alter my days into better ones. This is another thing I’m over… tomorrow shouldn’t be something that will be better than today. This exact moment is the only one I have and I can’t waste anymore time not making it the one I want it to be.

I’m leaving everything I know that is stable, the life I somehow got caught up in building. I guess recognition is key. I guess I’m thankful I was able to take my head out of the clouds and see the bigger picture.

To be completely honest, I’m lost as fuck and kinda thrilled about it.

forever bummed


please marry me?



Pretty much everything other than packing, planning, work and sleep has been put on hold. My 70L pack is sitting right next to my filled with all the essential band-aids, sunscreen, deet and camping towels a girl in Southeast Asia could need. Time to relax?

My landlord has reached the ulitmate of crazy and has made it our task to find a new tenant for the apartment… really? Well we’ve found a few and it’s onto her to do some screening.. whatever. I have 23 more sleeps, showers, hangouts and lonely evenings in this place.

Hmm what else.. oh, I barely bake or cook these days. I did make some great flax seed cinnamon buns for Valentines days. I thought it would be fitting to stuff them with sugary dates. Yum.

I made a great icing with my sister’s homemade caramel sauce she sent home with me.

I have a more heartfelt post brewing.. but I’d rather go make some cookies for the girls at the salon.

when I grow up


My head is in another place. A place with mismatched dishes stacked on floor to ceiling shelves, an old wooden table with white chipping paint, an array of different sized glass jars and bottles with fresh flowers changed daily, squeaky hardwood floors scattered with rustic area rugs. Crisp and cozy white linen over a bed that takes up most of the room, double doors opening to a worn out porch covered with potted flowers. Wicker chairs that swallow your body. A yard with a makeshift garden overflowing with tomato plants, tall corn stalks, brightly coloured squash with their vines coiling around a chicken wire fence. Hold me to it.. I will live this life one day. But for now I settle into my real life nesting area.

It’s a new Monday tradition: the noon hour hike up Knox. Rain/wind/sleet/a head full of hungover cotton balls couldn’t stop us.

Monday also brought forth how epic Mad Mango’s Laksa dish is. A whole egg? Really?

I started making a monster, it’s been a slow week in the motivation department. Maybe I’ll finish it by next week, or maybe I’ll continue searching home decor and beach house images all day/everyday.

Oh, I made that soup I said that I would. It’s kept me fed all week. Although I added less lentils than the recipe said due to the fact that I didn’t have enough.

My gorgeous and amazing sister surprised us with a visit. My mom called and left a frantically happy voicemail and I was able to decipher that Aiden and Billie were in Vernon and would like to have me over for dinner the next night. They managed to “whip up” some delicious spicy peanut sauce marinated chicken scewers to curb our hunger (and wine filled stomachs) until the main meal of AMAZING buffalo ribs from Aiden’s family buffalo farm. Let me talk about these ribs for a second, they were actually incredible. Truth be told; I’d never had a rib before this evening. I was a little apprehensive to the idea but in the end I definitely devoured 2 helpings. Along with the ribs we had a quinoa pilaf, cashew and cranberry salad, and roasted brocolli and califlower.

Have I mentioned the broken oven yet? The oven was broken. This meant most of this meal was cooked on the deck barbeque. Including the unbelievably tasty saskatoon berry pie we topped our belly’s up with. It’s always such a treat having the chance to see my sister and eat her creations. The addition of Aiden was a delight as well!

After all that delicious nonsense was over the games came out. This is a very common occurence in the Velisek house and probably has alot to do the the constantly full boxes of homemade wine. Anyways, dice and ping pong were our drugs of choice this time.

Early breakfast of Aiden’s saskatoon berry scones (also baked in the ol’ BBQ) topped with some homemade blueberry jam and ALOT of coffee to accompany it.

Some of this week’s findings:

This site has been my crutch. Check out the home hacks, how-to’s from an indoor winter swing to the perfect grilled cheese every time.

LoftLife Mag is awesome for new idea’s and inspiration.