my body’s a zombie for you


I spent alot less time in the kitchen and behind a camera this week. Mostly due to being too busy and a lack of motivation. I did however manage to make a mac’n’cheese-like casserole for my wonderful manager at work who is going out to Golden next week. She mentioned she wanted some pre-made, ready to heat and eat meals for her family and I jumped at the chance to get my oven going.

I made a big pot of macaroni, sauteed some garlic, onions and added some red peppers, tuna and spices.

I’ve also realized how sad my excuse for a dried spice collection is. Something I should work on this year.

In other food news, popcorn with dill and lemon pepper.

And another breakfast + currants. Which reminds me, I discovered this the other day. I actually indulged in a carrot and cinnamon infused bowl myself after scrolling through the whole thing… at 1am.

I also managed to get some quick shots of the everyday faces, lunch’s and activities in the infamous salon backroom.

Grant and Lindsay came in to say hi and I gave Grant a trim which resulted in a quick trip across the street for coffee and cupcakes. Boys are funny.

The sun has been shining an irregular amount these days, I took advantage of a break between clients.

Sunsets turned into an impromptu night out.

I just love citrus.

In the next while I would love to attempt more baking. This recipe for s’more cupcakes from bakerella is right up my alley. As well as this apple zucchini bread from a crafty lass! Mmmm.


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