Pretty much everything other than packing, planning, work and sleep has been put on hold. My 70L pack is sitting right next to my filled with all the essential band-aids, sunscreen, deet and camping towels a girl in Southeast Asia could need. Time to relax?

My landlord has reached the ulitmate of crazy and has made it our task to find a new tenant for the apartment… really? Well we’ve found a few and it’s onto her to do some screening.. whatever. I have 23 more sleeps, showers, hangouts and lonely evenings in this place.

Hmm what else.. oh, I barely bake or cook these days. I did make some great flax seed cinnamon buns for Valentines days. I thought it would be fitting to stuff them with sugary dates. Yum.

I made a great icing with my sister’s homemade caramel sauce she sent home with me.

I have a more heartfelt post brewing.. but I’d rather go make some cookies for the girls at the salon.


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