Okay okay so.. I don’t really care much about anything these days. The sun is making me smile and I’m alright with that. Work is busy with people trying to get in before I take off.. that’s a major plus. I’m apathetic about this blog thing. I don’t want to write about the things I’m really thinking about and I feel like it’s becoming a little too surfacey. Whatever. I might keep it for travel blog, or start another one. I’ll post a link if this happens. Such apathy.

I got some good “last moments in Canada” photos to post once I get my head wrapped around anything other than travel forums and putting my life into boxes.

I will touch on the fact that I’m over a lot of things. Over trying to be somebody that is okay. Over convincing myself that this is the life I want. Over trying to figure out the life I want.

All I know are the facts. I know I’m leaving. I know it’s going to save my soul. I know that I have no idea what it will bring or who I will be coming out of it but I do know that it’s gotta be something better than this. I’m not unhappy in life, I’m just constantly waiting. Waiting for the next big event to alter my days into better ones. This is another thing I’m over… tomorrow shouldn’t be something that will be better than today. This exact moment is the only one I have and I can’t waste anymore time not making it the one I want it to be.

I’m leaving everything I know that is stable, the life I somehow got caught up in building. I guess recognition is key. I guess I’m thankful I was able to take my head out of the clouds and see the bigger picture.

To be completely honest, I’m lost as fuck and kinda thrilled about it.


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