he brings out the whiskey in me


It’s time to figure out where I’ll be updating my travel experiences… I made a tumblr cause I don’t want my mom or most people that will be following my adventures to read or know about this one. Soooo… check here occasionally to see what fun and amazing things that I’m doing and don’t get too jealous since I’ll probably smell and look like a dirty back packer while you’re all basking in the British Columbian sun and gorgeous lakes. Did I mention it’s going to be around 45 degrees everyday? And I have a 70L backpack? I feel gross just thinking about it.

Recent feelings have been better, not so stressed. My clients have done wonders for me, I feel like that are family and it’s been so tough saying goodbye. One in particular really moved me today.. I’m kind of at a loss to explain how other than we are in very similar places and it’s good to know I’m not alone in this. Spring time isn’t all it’s cracked up to be sometimes.

As of late I’ve been feeling almost.. nostalgic for the summer I haven’t and will not experience here in the Okanagan. Thoughts of coming back before the good times are passed are kiiiiinda creepy up on me. I still want to leave it up in the air until I’m over there and figuring out the everything I want to figure out. I’m not making any promises.

In the Bokeo province in Northern Laos there is a conservation project aimed at preserving the Bokeo nature reserve and raise money to protect the wildlife. Apparently a “Black Gibbon” is a thought to be extinct species in that area that was rediscovered in the later 90’s. They do this with something called “The Gibbon Experience,” which is basically a whole bunch of treehouses only accessed by varies ziplines over the jungle. I can’t think of a better sounding thing to be honest. It’s kind of expensive but they provide hot meals and complete access to the jungle below AND TREEHOUSES? I mean.. c’mon!


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