It seems that its that time again.. the cold has set in and I’m a shamefully miserable hermit with a helpless attitude to boot! Now, that being said I’m really not all that bad… all the time. As these familiar evenings set in I’m reminded of this time last year. It’s true that alot has changed, so why the same seasonal slump? I guess it boils down to the motto I like to live by, “you can’t continue to do the same thing expecting different results.” And here I am, still in this city.

I’ve gained great things since I’ve last been in this place. I have amazing inspirations and people in my life. I have a man who makes me feel like a better me, I have a job that, even though may have slow down, enables me to be passionate and excited, I have adopted a healthy attitude towards treating my body as a temple and I have some friends that warm my heart through and through. I’ve reconnected with family in a new way, I’ve pushed my comfort level to it’s edge and learned very important things about myself. I’ve been more me than ever. I’m back baby, life is great and exciting.