something good can work


So it’s finally Spring and I’m attempting to turn a new leaf. Yeah work is still slow and my back, shoulders and neck are causing me trouble.. but I’ve changed my part and bought some button up shirts. I realize those things might not sound like a life altering revolution but I think it’s more metaphoric to what’s actually going on in my life.

Fraser and I have booked our trip to Costa Rica for May 15th, coming up quick. It feels more organic than my last overseas trip. Doesn’t feel as stressful or forced.. or terrifying. Maybe I’m more immune to the idea of uprooting, maybe I’ve finally found someone who I want to share my experiences with. Either way I’m pretty darn happy and am more than excited for everything to come. Including our puppy! He is a gorgeous charcoal Lab that we haven’t settled on a name for yet. I still stand strong on my choice of Derby.


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